Since 1990.

HKR Raumaussstattung GmbH was formed in 1990 as HKR Heldmann, Krause und Reimer GmbH through a merger of two companies and was jointly managed by the three founders. The first company was originally founded by Jürgen Heldmann in Teltow in 1965. The second, K+R Bodenbeläge und Dekorationen GmbH in Wedel, was founded by Karsten Krause and Peter Reimer in 1958.

In 1995, Henry Grimm, an employee of Heldmann’s since 1982, after qualifying himself as interior decorator, acquired the shares of Jürgen Heldmann who retired. He became the sole managing director and shareholder and renamed the company HKR Raumausstattung GmbH.

The rapid development in sales made a move to more spacious premises in Stahnsdorf (Berlin), the current company’s location, in 1996 a necessity.

To assure a solid future development, HKR Raumausstattung GmbH joined in 2011 as a shareholder K+R Bodenbeläge und Dekorationen GmbH in Wedel (Schleswig-Holstein), the main shareholder of the K+R Unternehmensgruppe.